Our Menorah Again

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Our Menorah Again
Duration: 2:25Year: 2018
  • Description

Our Menorah Again is a Yidneck ChanuKountry parody based on Willie Nelson’s “On the Road Again”

  • Lead Vocals: Avi Frier
  • Backup Vocals: Aryeh Posner
  • Lyrics: Shelley Frier List
  • Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Marc Levine Studios, Hollywood, FL

One thought on “Our Menorah Again

  1. Howdy ?. I’m a lady from a small town called Uniontown, Pennsylvania. Country music ? had been quite popular from where I lived. I don’t know if it still is because I don’t live there anymore. I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada married 25 yrs with 6 kinderlach who are almost full grown now. I was searching for Jewish county ? because since this Covid 19 stuff, one of our daughter’s back this passed August got married but the other side didn’t want a backyard chatuna & thought it would be too “Hillbilly “ ?? so it got me goin’ on ol’ Country music. Also, since my Mom’s yertzeit is coming up, I wanted to play a Jewish country ? or 2. My Mom obm majored in music ? but Classical music ? was definitely more her style. For her English date of passing, I have posted 2 Classical ? composers. Beethoven’s 7th symphony 2nd movement & Frederic Chopin’s concerto #2 in F minor. I just wanted to see what kind of a response I would get to play Jewish country. There’s a friend in California that has known me since I was 15yrs old. He is not Jewish but he had taught Country Line dancing & I just want to put it out there that there’s Jewish country besides Randy Travis, Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, Alabama, Oakridge Boys the list goes on…. have a very Happy Chanukah ? keep singin’ ?? Sincerely, Zahavah Steinberg

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