Press Release: Entertainer Combines Jewish, Country Music


Entertainer Combines Jewish, Country Music

Hollywood, Florida, February 21, 2018 — DJ and comedy-magician Avi Frier has announced the upcoming production of ChanuKountry, a Jewish country music album scheduled for November 2018 release.

“I DJ a lot of Jewish events,” says Frier in his Kickstarter video, “and every year when Chanukah rolls around, I go looking for the latest Chanukah parodies….As a country fan, it’s always bothered me that there are no good Jewish country parodies any more.”

So he decided to do something about it.

Frier has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the recording of his first album under his new label, Yidneck Records. His debut music video, a parody of “That Ain’t Country” by Aaron Lewis, bemoans the lack of Jewish country music and tells listeners, “The time has come for Chanukah songs with a twang.”

Frier says he thought being a Jewish fan of country music was some kind of anomaly—until he started slipping in a few country songs while DJing, and noticed more and more people singing along.

Avi Frier grew up in Richmond, Virginia, and was influenced by the music of Allan Sherman and Weird Al Yankovic. As a teenager, he listened to Shlock Rock, a band that teaches Judaism using pop and rock music parodies. He later became one of Shlock Rock’s writers and performed with the band. In his Kickstarter description, he writes: “The goal [of Yidneck Records] is to become to country music what Shlock Rock is to pop.”

Lenny Solomon, Shlock Rock’s founder and Frier’s long time friend, will be featured on a song, as will renowned Jewish rapper Etan G. The songs will use country music’s unique style of humor, storytelling, and down-home feeling to teach Jewish country fans about their heritage and foster a sense of Jewish pride.

The Kickstarter’s fundraising goal of $12,000 will be spent producing eight to ten tracks and two to three music videos. There will also be a focus on Jewish education: each song will have a corresponding lesson plan available for free download by parents and educators who are seeking creative ways to teach Jewish country fans about Judaism.

Fans who support the Kickstarter campaign will receive free downloads, Yidneck swag, VIP admission to the album launch party in the fall, and other gifts. At the higher backing levels, there are opportunities for corporate sponsors to be featured with product placement in music videos and with logo placement on Yidneck swag.


For more information, call Avi Frier at (954) 483-3654, or email avi {at}

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